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Easy Water Filtration Systems

Easy water filtration

Although you probably take it for granted most of the time, having water in excellent condition in your home is one of your biggest priorities. A water filtration system is a relatively simple and very effective way to control your home's water quality and reduce many contaminants. There are many different filters, each well-suited to other purposes. The professional plumbers at Mathis Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. can help you decide on which would be the best choice for your family and your home. We're the local source for easy water filtration systems in Upstate South Carolina and the surrounding areas.

We understand that water quality is important to you, your family, and your home, so we'll always work hard to ensure that your water filtration system can provide you with the highest quality water possible. We'll help you choose the best whole-house water filtration system for your home and provide a high-quality installation.

Symptoms of Hard Water

  • A filmy haze on your drinking glasses
  • Whitish scaly deposits on your faucets, shower doors, or tea kettle
  • Scaly deposits you can't see but are damaging the inside of your pipes, dishwasher, and other appliances
  • Dry, dull skin and hair
  • Whites that turn yellow in the wash, and colors that fade

Other Common Water Problems

  • Acidic Water: Water with a low pH factor (less than 6.5) can be highly acidic and corrosive. If, for example, you notice a blue-green stain on your laundry, sinks, or drains, chances are your water needs to be treated. Acidic water also can leach unhealthy levels of metal ions—such as lead, manganese, and copper – into your fresh water supply.
  • Excess Iron: How can you tell if there's too much iron in your water? By the brown stains in your toilet or clothes—not a pretty sight.
  • Chemical Contamination: This is the most serious of all water problems. Excess radon levels, industrial waste, chlorine, and other chemicals can cause serious health issues that can easily be avoided with water treatment.

Benefits of an Easy Water Filtration System:

  • Protects Your Home: All of your appliances and fixtures will be protected against scale build-up, low pH, and iron residue. That means they'll work at full capacity for a longer period!
  • Healthier Living: Hard water problems can be removed without removing beneficial minerals or adding sodium to your water.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy Water Filtration Systems require very low to no maintenance.

Our Upstate South Carolina plumbing company provides installation, repairs, and maintenance services for most major brands of water filtration systems. Call today for more information on our water treatment services.

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