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Greenwood, SC Heating Tips You Can’t Do Without

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When you have a Greenwood, SC home, the last thing you want is for your heating system to go down when you need it the most. Unfortunately, it seems that this is always the case. When we loose our only source of heat and it’s cold outside, it’s a miserable time until the heater gets fixed.

Even though we live in a pretty temperate climate, the humidity factors can make things more intense. Moist air feels differently to us than dry air, making the winters colder and summers hotter. Here in South Carolina, we still like to stay warm in our homes even if the weather doesn’t drop to the lows it does in the North.

Humidity Controls For Your Home

The more moisture there is in the air, the more things can happen to our heating system as well. In the Greenwood area, we have plenty of humidity. Moisture and dust particle mix together and form grime all over everything. That means dirtier ductwork, dirtier heating equipment, and a dirtier house.

Humidity controls for the indoor use can be installed in your home to make the moisture levels perfect. You never want to completely dry out your indoor air because there are similar but opposite problems for your health and your home’s equipment and furnishings. A proper moisture balance needs to be achieved.

Heating Tune Ups

A professional heating technician should tune up your heating system prior to the cold weather. It’s the time of year to get this done now in our area of Greenwood, South Carolina. If you own a home in or near the Greenwood and Lakelands areas, call Mathis Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. for your tune up today. This is a vital professional service that’s very affordable. Plus, it’s the best way to take preventative measures to ensure your system is running great throughout the year.

Heating Maintenance

All heating systems need to be maintained whether you live in Greenwood or anywhere else in the country. Whether you have a commercial heating system or residential, proper maintenance will keep your heating equipment in great shape. Keeping your repairs made as they happen is important, but maintenance can keep you from needing them in many cases.

Just consider your heating systems as much in need for regular maintenance and an occasional tune up as your automobile. With just as many parts and components that make it run, you want to ensure everything is clean, lubricated, adjusted, and not falling apart or leaking.

Heating Equipment Size

Your Greenwood home’s heating system needs to be of the correct size for your home. Never purchase a heating system that’s too large for your home, thinking you’ll have better energy efficiency because the opposite is true.

Often, when we have heating problems we may attribute the issue to a unit that’s not large enough to heat the home when in fact the cause was poor insulation, gaping areas of the home that leak energy, or areas of the home that won’t heat well due to location, improper wrapping or connecting of your ductwork, or the incorrect layout of the ductwork and heating system design.

All these things can make it seem like your heater is too small but really have nothing to do with unit size. A good professional HVAC technician that’s honest and trustworthy will advise you to install the right size heating system for your home.

If you are looking for information on Heating for your Greenwood area home, please call 864-229-7117 or complete our online request form.

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